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Bexleyheath House Clearance

Bexleyheath house clearance is a fully licenced and insured clearance company based in the South East, covering areas such as Bexleyheath, Sidcup, Bromley and Beckenham to name a few, we have you covered!

If you own a house or flat in Bexleyheath area, you may be thinking that getting your house cleared might be a lot of hard work. However, at Bexleyheath House Clearance we make your flat or house clearance extremely easy and completely stress free.

House Clearance

  • Covering all areas within the South East
  • Clearing single items to a full house
  • Junk and Furniture removed
  • Lofts, Garages & Sheds Cleared
  • Large Bulky Furniture Removed
  • Licenced & Insured
  • On Call 7 days a week

Professional House Clearance

We are professionals when it comes to house clearance as we have many years experience in this field. Over the years we have tackled some of the most difficult and horrendous house clearance jobs in and around South East London.

We have removed washing machines from high rise flats in Erith and Sofas from flats in Bexley, all with no hassle or unnecessary expense from the home owner.

Fast & Hassle free House Clearance

Bexleyheath House Clearance takes all the stress and frustration out of getting your life free from junk. When cleared you will feel so much better knowing that you’re back in control of a cleared clean organised area.

There’s a simple Removal Solution

A simple quick call is all it will take to book you an appointment and come round to take care of removing all unwanted junk. What’s more, you won’t need to lift a finger; no lifting furniture up and down stairs and no driving about Bexleyheath to find the local tip. It’s a simple solution, stress free house clearances are our speciality.

Why use Bexleyheath House Clearance?

When you are looking to clear a significant amount old junk from a house in Bexleyheath you are faced with a lot of challenges.

If you take the skip option, then you will need to get a skip permit. When you get the permit, next ring round for the cheapest skip. After the skip arrives, purchase lights to go around the skip (your responsibility). Finally load it up yourself.

Skips seem like a lot of hard work & jumping through hoops to me. Especially when Bexleyheath House Clearance could do it all for you labour included at a much cheaper price.

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